Quotables for Personal Reflection and finding Common Ground
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Quotables for Personal Reflection and Finding Common Ground

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Contains 40 quote cards with a brief biography of each quote’s author, plus suggestions for use. The Quotables were created as a tool for teambuilding, education, training, and personal enrichment programs. Quotes are a great way to stimulate personal reflection, help group members find common ground, initiate conversation, build connections, and spark creative thought. This package contains quotes around teaching, leadership and learning.

“I LOVE the Quotables and start my Junior classes with them 3 times a week, it is amazing how the right quote just seems to pop up for the day :)” “The quotes were wonderful… I added them to the items I put out from the impromptu toolbox I created so staff could choose either an item or a quote… the discussions were wonderful and the retreat was a big success!”

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