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Calendar / Upcoming and Past Events

Upcoming Workshops / Exhibitor Tables

Date Location
Sep. 11-12, 2019 Fresno Unified School District, California
Sep. 19, 2019

University of British Columbia

Social Emotional Learning Cohort

Sept. 20, 2019


Cape Horn Elementary, Coquitlam, BC
Oct. 16, 2019 Federation of Community Social Services of BC & Ministry of Children and Family Development


Oct. 17-18, 2019

Ross Greene Workshop

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Oct. 24-25, 2019

Ross Greene Workshop

Winnipeg Manitoba

Oct. 24-25, 2019

British Columbia School Counsellors' Conference

Nov. 22, 2019

Greater Victoria School District

Feb. 13-14, 2020

Calgary City Teachers Convention

Feb. 13-14, 2020

BC Alternated Education Teachers' Conference


 Past  Involvement 


9th Annual National Mental Health Conference

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers Whistler Conference

Whistler, BC

Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference, Washington, DC


Keynote / PlayNote - BC Cooperative Learning and Early Career teachers Conference, Coquitlam, BC

Quest Conference, Toronto

Social Emotional Learning and Mental Well-Being For Indigenous Children & Youth  Whitehorse, Yukon

Playnote / Keynote Prince Rupert School District Pro-D Day

Federation of BC Community Social Service Providers Annual Conference

Black Gold School District Edmonton, Alberta

with a workshop at night for parents

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Caring for the Whole Child: A Student Well-Being Conference

Ontario Healthy Schools Conference

School Social Work Association of America  Conference, San Diego, California

EdCan Network Conference Teacher and Student Well-being: A Key to Success, Toronto

Portland, Oregon, Public Schools

Invo-Progressus School Professionals Symposium,

Las Vegas, Nevada

Kamloops Thompson Teachers Association, BC

Black Gold School District, Alberta

Dali Lama Centre - Heart and Mind Conference, Surrey, BC

UBC Faculty of Education

Ontario School Counsellors Association, Toronto

Alberta North Central Teachers Convention, Edmonton

Calgary Teachers Convention, Calgary

BC Alternate Teachers Association, Vancouver, BC

Washington State School Counselors Association, Seattle

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Victoria, Montreal, Winnipeg

American Counseling Association

BC School Counsellors' Association

BC Friends Project (Anxiety Prevention Program)

Langara School of Management, Vanouver

Kitsilano and West End Adult Mental Health Teams

BC North Central Zone Teachers' Conference, Prince George

Association for Experiential Education, Portland, Oregon, Squamish, BC, Montreal, Calgary

Surrey Teachers Association, BC

BC Intermediate Teachers Association

BC School Mental Wellness Symposium

Coquitlam School District, BC

Chilliwack School District, BC

UBC Faculty of Education - Social-Emotional Learning Cohort

Williams Lake School District, BC

Nanaimo Teachers Association

North Vancouver Teachers Association

St. John's Elementary and Secondary Schools (Vancouver, BC)

St. Ann's Elementary and Secondary Schools (Kamloops, BC)

Mighty Peace, Alberta Teachers Convention,

Grand Prairie, Alberta

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