Personal Wellness Professional Development Workshop


This is an ideal Keynote and professional development workshop for organization looking to have a little fun while also looking at ways to promote personal development. Although these workshop are incredible social in practice, there is a also a strong emphasis is on self-awareness and focus on the personal practices that are both barriers and assets to strong personal wellness and mental health practices. Risk taking and is challenges and benefits as it relates to personal and mental wellness could be considered the heart of this workshop.

Risk and Resiliency

We will engage participants in activities that will help form discussion  and introspection on what does it mean to take risks and possibly take risk to an even more basic line of questioning, what is a risk? With these new insights participants will gain a new or more firm understanding on when and how to take responsible and appropriate risks for the sake or personal wellness, thereby increasing one's sense of resiliency. 

Increase your Toolbox

When these workshops are conducted with mental and personal wellness professions, the goal would be for the participants to take their experiences and new set of tools back to be able to use with their own client groups. 

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