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Describe It... Thumball (4")
inquiry adventures

Describe It... Thumball (4")

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The Describe It... Thumball is perhaps the most interesting of the thumballs. This thumball was designed to help improve language processing skills by presenting various symbols that contain an array of possible descriptions. Where the thumb lands describe the  associated image. One basic answer if you thumb landed on the image of rainbows would be "I see rainbows". You can then encourage a scaffold based response, eventually getting a more detailed description - "I see 12 rainbows. The rainbows are made up of three arches, red on the top, yellow in the middle,and blue on the bottom. There are 5 rows of rainbows, The first row has one rainbow and the last row has two and the middle three rows have three rainbows each. The top row's rainbow is in the middle of the row and the bottom row's two rainbows are next to each other but also centered as a pair. Eventually you could build up to having the descriptor explain the image in such detail that it can be reproduces by someone else who is not able to view the thumball's image.

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