Emotion Mania Thumball (4") for Emotional Verbal and Non-Verbal Vocabulary
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Emotion Mania Thumball (4")

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This is a great way to explore emotions. One-on-one or in a  group, whoever has the thumball looks under their thumb and announces what is written there. This is a great way to increase emotion vocabulary, explore the value of emotions, as well as build a better understanding of emotion based body language. The facilitator can ask a variety of different question based on the emotion under their thumb. Some examples include:

1. Do you know what that emotion is?

2. When was the last time you felt that emotion? or When was the last time you saw some feel that way? How did you know? How did you respond?

3. Act out that emotion non-verbally and have the rest of the group figure out what the emotion was your were presenting.

Increase knowledge and understanding of feelings through an active, experiential, and engaged process – a GREAT Social-Emotional Learning Tool.

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