Journey Towards the Caring Classroom 2nd Edition, a Resource for Community-Building and Social Emotional Learning Games and Activities
Laurie Frank

Journey Towards the Caring Classroom 2nd Edition, a Resource for Community-Building and Social Emotional Learning Games and Activities

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Journey Towards the Caring Classroom  2nd Addition

by Laurie Frank

This is the best experiential social-emotional learning and community building resource that exists. Laurie Frank’s Journey Towards the Caring Classroom provides numerous kinaesthetic activities that facilitate the objectives of self and social awareness, self-regulation, team building, responsible decision-making, leadership, and having fun. A very detailed introduction is provided about the various philosophies and practices from which the content is based. The books is full of incredibly well thought out and designed activities. Each activity contains various adaptation for age and developmental and intellectual abilities. The activities' target audience is vast, providing activities that would be appropriate for kindergarten right up adulthood. Whether you are a teacher, educator, counsellor, psychologist, social worker, group facilitator, coach, human resource manager, camp counselor, youth group leader, or parent, you will find useful resources in this book.



“Journey Toward the Caring Classroom, 2nd Edition, brings to life all of the key concepts in teaching and facilitating healthy learning. It is an easy-to-read, masterful blend of theory and practice that will help any educator create a classroom full of engaged learners. A real treasure that is sure to make a difference in the lives of your students! The material is thorough, thoughtful and detailed in content and resourcefulness. I look forward to applying the new information to the team facilitation classes that I teach at Penn State!”

~ Laurie McLaughlin, MA, Instructor and Program Director, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, Pennsylvania State University

“The theory, research, and discussion of social/emotional competencies is solid! This is what we need to make our case in public and conventional private schools. This book is timely and appropriate in that it meets schools’ needs and desires for culture and climate change, addressing bullying, social justice, and social–emotional development while balancing those needs against the needs for research-based instruction and curriculum design and the requirements to meet state standards (in many cases). I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this work, particularly as a user of the previous book, as a facilitator, experiential educator, and teacher in a huge public school. I applaud the work Frank has done here, and am excited to see how she developed her work to keep up with where education seems to be headed.”

~ Steph Frigon, MS Experiential Education, Director of Experiential & Challenge Course Programming, Cooperative Middle School, Stratham, NH




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