Re-Zoom, a Non-Language Based Story
Istvan Banyai


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Like Zoom, this is a book of only pictures and contain no words. Each page of the book contain one large picture. The first picture in the book starts with a picture with a very narrow focus. Each picture then zooms out, taking in a larger perspective of what is truly taking place. In reverse the book zooms in. Our favourite experiential activity is to rip the book apart and give each member of the group  one or more of the pictures in random order. The goal of the group is to solve the puzzle, work together to put the picture in the correct order without knowing the title of the book. This activity is no only great for team building and gaining social awareness but also as a means to start a conversation about the various perspectives that influence our thoughts as individuals and as a collective. (Re-Zoom is slightly more difficult than Zoom to spot the nuanced connections between the pictures)

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