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Small Group Counseling K - Gr. 2

Small Group Counseling K - Gr. 2

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This book provides a variety of hints suggestions forms assessments activities and parent sheets that will help you conduct successful small group counseling sessions with younger elementary school students. To succeed in school children must learn to have confidence in themselves and their abilities know how to get along with others and handle problems that arise and know and utilize the skills for success in learning. The first section of this book contains a three session growth-centred ?mini? group developed for each of the grade levels K - 2 and provides for all children a review and reinforcement of these skills for success.

The second section of this book provides information and activities for problem-centred small groups. These activities allow the opportunity to focus on specific areas of concern for the students and have been developed around three themes: Self-concept Friendship and School Success Skills.

To encourage success in working with the children in problem-centred groups the following have been included in this section of the book:

  • A needs assessment for teachers and parents to complete that target the specific needs of the children enabling small group sessions to be focused and productive.
  • 24 skill building lesson activities involving games role-plays stories activities worksheets and puppets.
  • A Home Connections and a Student Skill Reinforcement Form for each of the twenty-four lessons to reinforce the skill building for the student and to encourage the home and school to work together for the child.
  • A post assessment for teachers and parents to complete to determine the degree to which the child is implementing the skills learned and to plan follow-up if needed.

This resource now includes digital files of all of the reproducibles pages so that you no longer need to bend the book to make copies!

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