Happy Right Now
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Happy Right Now

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An illustrated picture book that teaches the best way to cope with and embrace the circumstances we find ourselves in each day. This is especially pertinent as we struggle with the current COVID 19 pandemic. 

Dealing with emotions can be hard. Children experience the same range of strong feelings as adults, but often don’t have the tools to deal with them. For children of all ages, Happy Right Now teaches emotional intelligence with fun, relatable imagery and clever rhymes. It also is a great compliment to discussion around the idea of coping or distress tolerances as opposed to distress avoidance. 

Award-winning author Julie Berry brings a playful bounce to the important lesson that kids don’t need to wait for fantastic gifts, school vacations, or sunny days to find joy in the moment. And even if they can’t find a way to choose happiness―if the blues are just too strong―Berry provides a series of quick practices to help young readers move through and cope with their feelings and experiences.

Smartly illustrated by Holly Hatam, Happy Right Now is perfect for children, parents, teachers and caregivers who want to learn how to navigate difficult emotions and embrace the bright side of any situation, rain or shine.

We write a blog alluding to the book happy right now which can be found on our website. 

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