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Inquiry Adventures

Inquiry Adventures was started by Sheldon Franken in 2010. Sheldon was and still is an active school counselor and prior to school counseling he was involved in classroom teaching, physical education, outdoor education for youth-at-risk, and community engagement.

Inquiry Adventures goal is to support the use of active and experiential education methods to increase engagement and understanding in social-emotional learning, team and community building, and personal and mental wellness.

Experiential Education – Professional Development Workshop Facilitation

Social Emotional Learning | Mental Wellness | Team Building

Inquiry Adventures has provided professional development workshop using Experiential Education as its foundation on Social Emotional Learning, Team Building and Mental Wellness for organizations such as both the Canadian and American Counseling Associations, the American School Social Workers Association, The Langara School of Management, and School authorities Across North America.

Our workshops are very unique, they are very active and engaging with minimal just sitting and listening. The goal is to not only experience the workshop in a very hands-on way but to also for the participants be able to use the same approaches and ideas within their organization, whether it be with students, colleagues, or clients.

Lets make professional development meaningful and fun.


Inquiry Adventures also sells some of the best and most engaging experiential education, social-emotional learning, mental wellness and team building tools and resources. One of our favourite tools is the THUMBALL. A Thumball is a soft soccer style ball that has content on each hexagon. Throw or roll the Thumball and where one’s thumb lands they respond to the content.

The content can range from basic icebreaker type questions to topics around personal well-being being such as personal strengths and attitude. We offer the largest selection of thumballs in the world!

ULead Cards and other Tools, Books, and Resources

We also carry other amazing cards, tools and books to support your experiential social emotional education, team building and mental wellness needs. One of our favourite products are ULead Cards.

ULead Cards incorporate numerous different facilitation tools into a single deck of cards. They are designed to have something whether you are working with 5 years olds or 55 year olds and everything in between.

They can be used to get people into groups quickly, engage in conversation about inspirational quotes, use icebreaker question, explore emotion, or just play regular cards. They truly have something for everybody.

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