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Team Building and Social Emotional Learning Through Active Learning

Social Emotional Learning and Team Building Thumballs, Cards and Books

We provide active and experiential products & books and facilitation services to support:



Professional Development Workshops

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Team Building - We incorporate a client-centred approach using a unique blend of icebreakers, conversation starters, group games and team building activities to promote self and social awareness. We will develop and implement a team building experience to support your team in moving forward to meet specific collaborative goals.

Inquiry Adventures’ also offers Play-Note services. A Play-Note is when we facilitate an activity or a series of team building games to help bring people together and foster a spirit or collaboration. A Play-Note is a great option to initiate or maintain a sense of belonging and community amongst attendees at a larger gathering such as conferences or workshops.

Social Emotional Learning Focused Workshops - Including our new workshop titled: "The Beauty of Coping"

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Inquiry Adventures presents to workshops that will increase the tools box of games and activities to support engagement in the Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) objectives of copingsocial awareness, relationship skills, self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making. The research in social-emotional learning is clear, strong social and emotional skills is directly related to high overall wellness and success.

In our Social Emotional Learning Professional Development Workshops, not only can we help foster your own social and emotional development, we will also provide you with new ideas and activities to, in-turn, engage your clients, students, or colleagues in their social and emotional development.

Personal and Mental Wellness Workshops

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We know well that taking that first step of self-and social awareness and self and social reflection to improve personal and mental wellness can be quite challenging and intimidating. At Inquiry Adventures, we believe and have seen first-hand that this process can actually be fun and meaningful at the same time.

Using our counselling experience and our expertise in facilitating group games and team building activities, our workshops will provide new ideas and activities that incorporate play as a means to foster engagement in personal and mental wellness. This would be appropriate for  any age group - Yes, Adults still like to Play!

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