What are Thumballs

Thumball is an incredible and engaging educational, community building, and/or therapeutic tool. First you toss it or roll it and then you or someone else catches or accepts it. Each panel has words, graphics, photos, or a logo relating to a specific subject printed on it. Once you receive the Thumball you need react to the stimuli under your right or left thumb (or any finger specified). The response is based on the type of Thumball and the method in which the Thumball is facilitated. If your thumb lands on the title space  select any space to respond to, it’s your choice. Thumball get everybody talking, thinking, and interacting with ease in a positive social way.

Every age and any ability level can play. Thumball™ is safe and easy to throw and catch in any setting. It can be enjoyed in schools, homes, offices, therapy sessions, during presentations and for marketing. Perfect to take in the car, to a party, on vacation, at the game, during camp and for family reunions. Your creativity for how it’s used is half the fun. There is no need to inflate, no parts to lose and no batteries to buy.

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